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Langley GPR Scanning

Concrete Scanning & Imaging

Concrete Core Drilling

Langley Concrete Scanning Contractors

Scan Before You Cut and Core.

Scanning your concrete on site prevents unnecessary delays and costly damages. Safe work zones provide peace of mind for everyone on site.

SSI GPR Structural Scanning specialize in concrete scanning and ground penetrating radar.

We are meticulous, thorough and competitive on pricing.

Scan it once and do it right the first time.

Langley Concrete Scanning

GPR Services

Our GPR services include but not limited to:

  • Determining slab thickness and target cover depths
  • Locating conduits (metallic and non-metallic)
  • Locating all post-tension cables
  • Detecting voids beneath slab-on-grade
  • Locating reinforcing bars
  • Avoiding radiant-floor heat piping

Keep your Langley projects running on time reducing potential site safety hazards and structural issues. Cutting through an embedded conduit, gas pipe or post-tension cable can cost someones life.

Concrete scanning eliminates the additional expense of damaging structural elements.

We serve Langley, Murrayville, Fern Ridge, Milner, Willowbrook, Fort Langley, Campbell Heights, Glen Valley, Clayton and all of British Columbia.

Scan before you start your cutting and coring.

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Why Use GPR vs X-Ray for Concrete Scanning in Langley? 

Contractor concrete scanning floor in Langley

GPR Advantages

Concrete Scanning with GPR and X-Ray are both good methods of detecting post-tension cable, conduit, gas pipe and other hidden hazards inside of concrete.

X-Ray requires positioning the radioactive unit on one side and the receiver on the other side where GPR gives you the ability to scan from the face surface of the concrete slab.

With GPR there is literally no set-up time and no radiation risk involved when the tech is scanning your site.

All your imaging results are generated right on-site and marked out for immediate analysis of targets in selected areas.

SSI GPR Structural Scanning will provide you with cost-effective, efficient and accurate results for your project.


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Choosing the Right Langley GPR Concrete Scanning Contractor 

The concrete scanning industry is really hit and miss in BC. Scanning data is not always being interpreted by qualified technicians. We know this for a fact as we are getting the calls to scan them over again.

Subsurface Obstructions

SSI GPR Structural Scanning clearly interprets the differences between subsurface obstructions.

The data interpretation and processing of your information is what provides the most accurate results with non-destructive subsurface testing.

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When choosing to work with us, you are limiting damages to your subsurface and structural elements, ensuring the highest level of site safety. Subsurface strikes can cost someones life.

Our reputation in the industry precedes us.

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